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Members discounts

The Society of British Jewellers are proud to present a discount from:

The British Academy of Jewellery

Name: The British Academy of Jewellery

Details of Discount: 

Born out of the industry in 1999 by a local Hatton Garden family-run business, we are an Academy providing pioneering jewellery education and training programmes that nurture creative talent and technical ability.


The British Academy of Jewellery aims to be a jewellery school where technical training is not an afterthought. Where technical skills are not seen as a hindrance to creativity, but where knowledge acquired by the hands provides inspiration. Aspiring to be a school where students do not shy away from originality and creativity and where traditional techniques are taught to then be challenged.


Responding to industry needs, we seek to provide the next generation of skilled jewellers who possess the aptitude and ingenuity to shape the future of the industry.


With campuses in the heart of the jewellery industry in London and Birmingham, we work closely with industry, government and education partners with hopes to build a support network to help sustain the growth of the jewellery trade and other creative industries within the UK.

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