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Meet our Members

The Society of British Jewellers are proud to present the work of:

Firedrake Jewellery

Name:  Chris Helm
County: Herefordshire

Specialises In: 

Chris inspired to begin jewellery making in 2013, thanks partly to a chance purchase of a birthday present for a dear friend - Teena who is sadly no longer with us. Starting with simple bead and wire work and graduating to the art of metalsmithing, mostly self taught and always willing to learn.

Our work ethic is very simple, we want to design, create and provide quality jewellery that our Customers will be delighted with, at reasonable cost.  We don't follow jewellery fashions, or create "collections", however we do intend to push the boundaries of innovation, using technology where appropriate and include unusual and historical metal alloys and gemstones when we discover them through research and development.

We sell through our website and exhibit at various events in the South West including at Herefordshire Art ( which is an annual 9 day arts & crafts event held throughout our beautiful and creative county.  

As Chris has been predominantly self-taught, she wants to inspire others to this wonderful craft and is beginning to offer "taster" sessions to impart some of the love and knowledge she has gained over the past few years.  To give those interested a starting point and initial guidance and if they are serious, to assist them in finding the right professional training to take them further.

Contact Number: Retail - 07944 669446

Trade customers & School - 


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