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Members discounts

The Society of British Jewellers are proud to present a discount from:

Hatton & Spencer

Name: Hatton & Spencer

Details of Discount: 

Hatton and Spencer provide best-in-class, trend-led and favourably priced jewellery, gift and heritage packaging for in-store and online retailers. A single destination for complete packaging products – from every-day to bespoke – the team looks after diverse clients from high street boutiques to national brands.


We are delighted to announce our recent partnership with Ch. Dahlinger creators of beautiful packaging, crafted using the highest quality materials and with an innovative design eye, since 1871. Known best for stunning products, attentive customer service and bespoke projects with prestigious brands, Ch. Dahlinger designs and stocks an extensive range of timeless and on-trend packaging with prices that will surprise you.’



Ch. Dahlinger offer a 2% discount to customers that pay invoices within the 30 day terms which can be advertised to your members.

Contact Number: Hatton & Spencer 01606 822620



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