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Meet our Members

The Society of British Jewellers are proud to present the work of:

Heidi Kjeldsen Jewellery Ltd

Name:  Heidi Kjeldsen Jewellery Ltd
County: Rutland

Specialises In: 

At Heidi Kjeldsen, a world of stunning jewellery awaits. Discover some of the best diamonds, exquisite gemstones, and premium pearls set within timeless, arresting designs. Experience elegant classics dazzling with splendour, or commission bespoke jewellery and become immersed in the design process with the help of our CAD (Computer aided design) service. Whether you purchase with confidence online or visit our Mill Street, Oakham showroom in the heart of Rutland, you will find an array of truly breath taking pieces. From exquisitely elegant diamond, pearl and gemstone jewellery designs to contemporary Murano glass, each piece is lovingly crafted to perfection. Classical in style with a modern twist, Heidi Kjeldsen’s bespoke designs transcend fashion and appeal to all generations.

Contact Number: Retail - 01572 722 666



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