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Members discounts

The Society of British Jewellers are proud to present a discount from:

Presman Mastermelt

Name: Presman Mastermelt

Details of Discount: 

Presman [Bullion] Ltd started purchasing jewellery scrap from Hatton Garden’s local jewellers back in 1945 and to this day, remains one of the most recognised, respected and trusted names in the jewellery trade.


Since those early beginnings in London, the reputation of Presman [Bullion] Ltd grew quickly and as a result, it now serves the jewellery and pawnbroking markets across the UK, with a fully insured, freepost service.


Presman [Bullion] Ltd was acquired by Mastermelt Ltd in 1997 and together as Presman Mastermelt, now offer a complete jewellery scrap and workshop waste, processing service.

Any attendee at their free reclamation seminars, hosted by the Society of British Jewellers, will receive a reclamation goody bag of useful items and a free assaying voucher.

Contact Number: Retail - 


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