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Members discounts

The Society of British Jewellers are proud to present a discount from:


Name: Primassure

Details of Discount: 

Details of the standard package that we will offer to all members of the SBJ


Standard Package: £560 inclusive of Insurance Premium Tax includes but not limited to

  • Stock & Goods in Trust: £5,000. 

  • Contents: including Tools/Equipment £2,500 inc All Risks ( including cover away from their premises e.g. Laptop, iPhone) 

  • Outside Risk: £5,000 including up to 5 fairs and/or shows and/or events per policy period.

  • Postal Sendings: £2,500 anyone parcel and £20,000 per annum via Royal Mail Special Delivery.

  • Entrustments: £5,000 at anyone location 

  • Stock at Other Locations: £2,500 e.g. hotel showcase or whilst on display at The Goldsmiths Centre

  • Business Interruption: £20,000 (12 month period of indemnity) 

  • Public & Products Liability: £1,000,000 

I have asked that we add a dedicated page to our website for SBJ members where they can select the above package. I’ll let you know once this goes live. I am also still waiting for Insures to come back with a Liability only policy.


The diamond and jewellery trade is a specialist industry where knowledge, integrity, honesty and trust go a long way. It is on this basis that we have built our reputation. We appreciate the varying requirements of all our clients and therefore build tailor-made polices with you, for you and place within Lloyd’s of London with A+ & A rated insures only. That is why thousands of jewellers from within the UK, across Europe, Africa, Asia and Australasia have placed their trust in Primassure.

Contact Number: Retail - 



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