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Meet our Members

The Society of British Jewellers are proud to present the work of:

Sogani Jewels Ltd

Name:  Preeti Sogani

Location: London NW4

Who We Are:   

Sogani Jewels is an expansion of Sogani Jewellers Pvt. Ltd., established by a successful Indian Entrepreneur Mr Shanti Kumar Sogani in 1989. Having moved to Tokyo, Japan to pursue his business idea, he set up Sogani Jewellers in Japan as well. Continuing the dream of her father, Mrs Preeti Sogani commenced her journey with opening an exclusive showroom of Gold & Platinum Jewellery in London, United Kingdom. Started in 1989, Sogani Jewellers Pvt. Ltd. is the backbone of the enterprise. Equipped with state of the art technology, Sogani Jewellers employs over 200+ skilled craftsmen in India, Japan and London. Over the years, we have grown synonymous with the finest and luxurious Gold, Platinum & Silver jewellery collection presenting every product meticulously carved with natural certified diamonds and precious gemstones. Being ahead of the curve with a vision to deliver value to the customers, was launched in 2021 With sheer brilliance, every piece from necklace to rings and bracelets to earrings is an expression of excellence, elegance and ultimate luxury. Our Jewellery is designed to be passed on to generations, as it is Timeless, Classic and Beautiful!


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