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Members discounts

The Society of British Jewellers are proud to present a discount from:

The Academy of Valuers

Name: The Academy of Valuers
Details of Discount: 

The Academy of Valuers is a learned society for the study and advancement of knowledge in gemstones, jewellery, silver and other precious metals, horological items and matters pertinent to the assessment, appraisal and valuation of such items. 

The Academy organises talks, lectures and practical workshops by leading experts on relevant topics, to train and improve working knowledge of its members in order that they can approach the subject in their professional capacities with confidence, safe in the familiarity of the latest reseach and technological advancements. 

Supporters of the Academy will therefore number among the most educated, informed and highly qualified members of the jewellery industry.

SBJ Members get the same rate for events as NAJ and IRV members.

Contact Number: Retail - 


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