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The Jewellery App

Name: The Jewellery App

Details of Discount: 

The Jewellery App is the jewellery trades own e-commerce marketplace, there are 2 platforms, one for business to business and the other is the consumer site for business to consumer. 

The b2b site gives the trade new opportunities beyond the traditional and costly routes to market, finding new services and products should be simple, on your phone and every business should be able to do it. 

The B2B platform

Split into 4 marketplaces - Retail Marketplace, Supplier Marketplace, New UK Suppliers Marketplace and Business Marketplace. 

    • Free to all buyers, sellers only pay 4% when items are sold

    • No monthly subscription, no contract, no tie-in period

    • Reviews will become really important - buyers and sellers can leave reviews for each other to help other members

    • Leave a '5-star' rating for other members, helps make an informed decision

    • New UK suppliers and services that want to break into the UK market

    • Advertise at £49.50 per month to be featured in the new section

    • Suppliers can promote offers/deals to members themselves

    • Existing UK suppliers new ranges and brands

    • Source and buy new products via the new Web App on your phone, download directly from the site, no need to go to an app store

The consumer site
The consumer site aims to be the de facto jewellery industry's app for consumers and the trade. The site not only sells products but also promotes services for a consumer to find the right person or business. 

    • Free to all buyers, sellers only pay 8% when items are sold

    • No monthly subscription, no contract, no tie-in period

    • Create your own web store, logo and banner graphics

    • 'Services' only businesses can advertise services at £19.50 per month

    • Manage your account via the app, iOS, Android and Web App

    • Connects to your Facebook to sell your stock on both platforms

    • Click & Collect feature

    • Create your own promotions and voucher codes to members

Special terms for The Society of British Jewellers members on the consumer site

    • 6 months free service listing if you register before 30th April 2019

    • Discounted service listing to just £9.50 per month after the 6 months (discounted from £19.50)

    • No monthly subscription, no contract, no tie-in period

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